Tiny house living, our specialty at Mini Condos doo!

Tiny House Living in Montenegro, 50m2 My Tiny House outside view in the Olive Groves of Kavac.

Tiny House living now made possible and affordable in Montenegro. This is thanks to the company Mini Condos’ new project “My Tiny House™”, in Kavac, Montenegro!

What is Tiny House Living and the Tiny House Movement?

According to the specialised blog thetinylife.com, the tiny house movement appeared with the realisation of many people around the world, that bigger is not better. These people started to downsize, live with less “stuff”, in a more minimalistic and conscious way. The Tiny house movement can be considered as part of the larger Minimalism Lifestyle movement, which advocates that “less is more”!
Tiny houses mean less footprint on the environment, less cash immobilised in the property hence more financial freedom. In some cases being able to live more self-sufficiently and not rely so much on the outside world.


Why did we, at Mini Condos®, in Montenegro, decide to specialize in the Tiny House movement?


We Love the Concept of Tiny House living!

First, at Mini Condos® we are great believers in the “Tiny Living Movement”. Indeed we do believe in the more minimalist way of living where “less is more”. So, we believe that reducing the size of our living space and the number of things that we own, make up for a better quality of life, by not being bound by too many material things, and by contributing this way in a more environmental world.

In Montenegro, there are so many options to enjoy activities outdoors (Check our Airbnb Mini Condos’ Guidebook). Also Montenegro enjoys a mild year-round Mediterranean weather. Hence, we believe there is no need to spend so much time inside and it is easier to have a smaller accommodation, that takes less time to maintain.

So, our reason number one, is we really love the concept!


Big demand and a lack of offer of Tiny House Living options in Montenegro.

Secondly, as Property Developers present on the Real Estate Market since 2008, we have had plenty of time to research the market’s offer and demand. We have quickly realised that there was a growing demand for smaller, more affordable dwellings, while the offer didn’t match this demand.

If you wonder why there is such a lack of offer while there is a high demand for tiny house living options, read our article “Why the lack of offer of smaller dwellings in Montenegro?” (Article coming soon)

So, while we were still working on our first project, the luxury residence “Tivat Heights”, we kept getting requests for the same type of project, but with smaller sizes and prices. Read the interview of our client Benoit (link coming soon), one of our first buyers in the 1st Mini Condos® Residence.


Off-plan sales of our first Mini Condos® were a great success!

So, before we even finished building the “Tivat Heights” Residence, we started working on the next tiny house living project. A residential building comprising of 19 units, including 15 studios, ranging from 14 to 24m2 in size! That’s how the Mini Condos® came to life!
Our bet was right, and in our first location, in Tivat, Mini Condos Dumidran I, we sold about 60% of units even before we obtained our Building Permit! Which is quite unusual in the industry.

Although we built this first Mini Condos® residence with long-term tenants in mind, since we knew there was a high demand for year-round rentals for smaller dwellings, thanks to our Long term rentals in-house agency “Rentals Montenegro”, we also decided to list some units for short term rentals on Airbnb.

After successfully completing our very first “Mini Condos®” residence, we launched a second location in Donja Lastva (See our Mini Condos Residence in Donja Lastva on Google Maps). This residence, located just 150m from the waterfront features 27 studio units ranging from 20 to 24m2.

Our Mini Condos Airbnb Profile will show you real reviews of real users fond of the tiny house living concept, who absolutely loved staying in our studios, both in Dumidran and in Donja Lastva!

One more Residence is under way, Mini Condos Dumidran 2, and will be delivered at the end of 2023. All studios are sold-out in the residence. The full-floor 2-bedroom penthouse apartment is still available to purchase!

Kitchen, breakfast bar and mezzanine in the Mini Condos residence in Dumidran 1, Tivat, Montenegro
Kitchen, breakfast bar and mezzanine in the first Mini Condos residence in Dumidran 1, Tivat, Montenegro

After our Mini Condos® concept, we launched “My Tiny House™”

After developing the three residential units under the brand “Mini Condos®” we started a new exciting adventure! With “My Tiny House™” we are expanding the tiny house living concept to individual housing. This is also a novelty in Montenegro, where single houses tend to be of a very large size. Read our article about “Why the lack of offer of smaller dwellings in Montenegro?” to find our more (Article coming soon).

Our Tiny Houses come is 4 standard sizes:

  1. Micro house with 1 bedroom, 50m2 with 350m2 of private land
  2. Tiny house with 2 bedrooms, 75m2 with 350m2 of private land
  3. Tiny house with 3 bedrooms, 90m2 with 350-500m2 of private land
  4. Tiny Villa with 3 bedrooms, 120m2 with 500m2 of private land
New Mini Condos Studios in Kavac, Montenegro - Living area with views over Mediterranean gardens.
My Tiny House living room with views on the olive groves. Tiny Living in Montenegro’s untouched nature!


How much do the tiny houses cost?

You can buy a tiny house with us from as little as 198.000€! This is the “cash price” of the 50m2 house on a 350m2 land. The standard price of this house is 220.000€ with a payment by stages. Find out more about our many different payment plans here (article coming soon).

The smallest house in our offer can also be very inexpensive if you buy it with our special Leaseback-Cashback program (article coming soon). Indeed, with a 10 years leaseback-cashback plan, your initial investment turns out to be only 138.600€. In addition you get the full furniture pack for free!

The prices for the other models are as follow:

  1. 50m2 : standard price 220.000€, cash price 198.000€, 10 years leaseback-cashback 138.600€
  2. 75m2: standard price 275.000€, cash price 247.500€, 10 years leaseback-cashback 173.250€
  3. 90m2 : standard price 320.000€, cash price 288.000€, 10 years leaseback-cashback 201.600€
  4. 120m2 standard price 420.000€, cash price 378.000€, 10 years leaseback-cashback 264.600€

We have more payment plans and we are flexible, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss payment plans and financing possibilities.


How long-lasting is “My Tiny House™”?

Unlike the vast majority of Tiny Houses out there, our Tiny houses, are built to last! Built with high quality and eco-friendly materials, My Tiny House is built to last, long, very long. Our houses are not “prefab”, they are built the traditional way. These houses will cross the centuries and can be passed on to the next generations of your family.


Pros and cons of tiny house living?

There are many advantages, and here are the main ones:

1. Financial advantages

A smaller size of house necessarily means a lower price of purchase, which means more money to be spent elsewhere.
A smaller house also means less expenses related to it, so more money monthly to be spent on other things.
If the house is purchased with a mortgage, this means less years spent working to pay off the house.


2. It is environmentally friendly

Less electricity consumption means of course less impact on the nature, so owners of tiny houses are actively participating in being eco-friendly.

Often tiny house owners have their own vegetable gardens to grow their own food, and tend to use renewable energy sources too. We offer a  free Permaculture vegetable garden to all future owners of My Tiny House™ that will be ready to use when moving in!


3. More time and freedom

Such small houses, requiring less personal investment in them, allow its owners to allocate these precious money and time resources to living more adventures, spending more time outdoors, travelling more, etc.


If you think Tiny House living in Montenegro may be for you, why not get in touch with us, so we can schedule a call, or a visit if you happen to be visiting our beautiful country?

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