120 m2 villa with a pool

If you are looking for a villa where you can create your own private oasis in nature this 120m² house might be just what you are looking for. We have 2 villas with the pool for sale. 

  • House 5 will have 529m2 of land with a pool. The cash price is 507.000€ and Leaseback-cashback price starts from 354.900€ 
  • House 7 will have 500m2 of land with a pool. The cash price is 498.000€ and Leaseback-Cashback price starts from 348.600€ 

We understand that not everyone like tiny living, that is why we wanted to meet the needs of our clients who are looking for something bigger. That is why we have designed a 120m² villa with three bedrooms. We have 2 houses like this in offer, with more than 500m² of land. And of course, if you are looking to settle for a life in a villa, a pool is a must. Both houses have 12×4 pool, which will be perfect to cool down on hot summer days. Here are some of the advantages of this house: 

New 90m2 My Tiny House with 3 bedrooms and garden.

Private Outdoor Oasis

The presence of a pool in a villa adds a touch of luxury and creates a private outdoor oasis for relaxation and recreation. It’s a perfect spot for cooling off in hot weather and hosting poolside gatherings. You can enjoy barbecues, pool parties, and family get-togethers in your own backyard.

Increased Property Value

A villa with a pool on a 500m² plot of land tends to have higher market value due to the additional features and amenities. This can make it a solid investment for the future.

Improved Quality of Life

Having a private pool and outdoor space contributes to an improved quality of life. It’s not just a home; it’s a retreat where you can unwind, exercise, and spend quality time with loved ones.

If you are interested in something smaller check our 3 bedroom 90m2 house.

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