90m2 house

In the tiny House community, we also have 3 bedroom house of 90m2. We have 2 available for sale: 

  • House 2 will have 500m2 of land and a pool. The cash price is 410.000€ and the Leaseback-Cashback price starts from 277.500€ 
  • House 13 will have 529m2 of land and a pool. The cash price is 419.000€ and the Leaseback-Cashback contracts starts from 293.300€ 

You are looking for a tiny house, and you love the tiny movement, and life in nature, but a tiny house might not fit your needs. That is why we have designed 90m² with three bedrooms, 2 master bedrooms, and 1 kids’ bedroom that can be turned into office space. With this house, you can still enjoy a tiny house community, live in nature, and the comfort of your house. We have 2 houses available in My Tiny House project, and here are some of the advantages of this house: 

90m2 3 bedroom house The Groves My Tiny House

Practical Division of Spaces

Separating the living areas on the ground floor from the bedrooms on the first floor creates a clear division between private and communal spaces. This layout can enhance privacy and create a more organized living environment. You can have more private spaces for relaxation, changing, and getting ready without the need for ground-level curtains or blinds.

Natural Ventilation

Placing the bedrooms on the first floor can allow for better ventilation, as warm air tends to rise. This can help maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedrooms without excessive reliance on air conditioning.

Versatile Layout for All Occasions

The unique configuration of our 3-bedroom house guarantees a seamless transition between short and long-term rental options. The ground floor boasts inviting living, dining, and kitchen spaces, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests on a short stay. As for long-term tenants, the private first floor area ensures a tranquil living environment, complete with three comfortable bedrooms.

If you are interested in something smaller check our 75m² house, and if you are looking for a proper villa you can check our 120m² house.

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