Tiny Living in Montenegro

To find out more about why we specialise in “Tiny Living” and how our Story started, take a look at this article on our blog

Mini Condos® in Tivat Center 

We launched our first “Mini Condos Dumidran I” Residence, in 2016. The residential building comprises of 19 units, including 15 studios, ranging from 14 to 24m2 in size! That’s when the Mini Condos® came to life!

In this first location, we sold about 60% of units even before we obtained our Building Permit! Which is quite unusual in the industry.

After successfully completing our very first “Mini Condos®” residence, we launched a second location in Donja Lastva (See our Mini Condos Residence in Donja Lastva on Google Maps). This residence, located just 150m from the waterfront features 27 studio units ranging from 20 to 24m2.

Our Mini Condos Airbnb Profile will show you real reviews of real users fond of the tiny house living concept, who absolutely loved staying in our studios, both in Dumidran and in Donja Lastva!

A third Mini Condos Residence is under way, Mini Condos Dumidran 2, and will be delivered at the end of 2023. All studios are sold-out in the residence. The full-floor 2-bedroom penthouse apartment is still available to purchase!


Mini Condos® in Kavac 

Your next chance to purchase a Mini Condo with us is within this new location.

At the “Mini Condos – The Springs” you will find :


“My Tiny House™”

We are now expanding the tiny house living concept to individual housing. This is also a novelty in Montenegro, where single houses tend to be of a very large size.

Our Tiny Houses come is 4 standard sizes:

  1. Micro house with 1 bedroom, 50m2 with 350m2 of private land
  2. Tiny house with 2 bedrooms, 75m2 with 350m2 of private land
  3. Tiny house with 3 bedrooms, 90m2 with 350-500m2 of private land
  4. Tiny Villa with 3 bedrooms, 120m2 with 500m2 of private land
New Mini Condos Studios in Kavac, Montenegro - Living area with views over Mediterranean gardens.
My Tiny House living room with views on the olive groves. Tiny Living in Montenegro’s untouched nature!

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