75m2 house

In the My Tiny House project we will have 6 houses of 75m² two bedroom houses, and 4 are available for sale. This house presents a perfect balance between tiny living and space for your kids, family members, or your friends when they come for a visit in Montenegro.

You can check our listings and houses that we have available: 

  • House 1 is a house with 500m2 of land. The cash price is 308.700€ and the Leaseback-Cashback price starts at 216.090€ 
  • House 10 is a house with a pool and 387m2 of land. The cash price is 347.000€ and the Leaseback-Cashback price starts from 242.950€ 
  • House 12 is a house with 370m2 of land. The cash price is 279.000€ and the Leaseback-Cashback price starts from 195.300€ 
  • House 15 has 426m2 of land. The cash price is 292.500€ and the Leaseback-Cashback price starts from 204.750€ 


There are two bedrooms, one on the ground floor and the second on the 1st floor. Here are some advantages of this house

Room for Guests or Home Office

The extra bedroom can serve as a guest room, allowing friends or family to visit comfortably. Alternatively, it can be used as a home office, providing a dedicated workspace. The additional bedroom offers flexibility for future needs. It can be repurposed as a nursery, a study, a workout room, or any other space that suits your lifestyle.

Efficient Use of Space

With two bedroom house, the layout can be designed to maximize space utilization, potentially including storage solutions, built-in furniture, and multi-purpose areas.

Resale Value

Two-bedroom house often appeal to a broad range of potential buyers, which can be advantageous if you decide to sell the property in the future. Tivat is one of the best areas in Montenegro to invest in real estate, with constant rise in prices, due to proximity of the international airport and Porto Montenegro yacht marina. 


If you are interested in something smaller check our 50m2 house, and if you are looking for something slightly bigger, check our 90m2 house

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