Montenegro’s 2023 Census: Population Trends

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Montenegro's 2023 Census

Montenegro’s 2023 Census results paint a promising picture of the nation’s demographic and housing landscape, signaling positive trends and opportunities for development.

Overall growth

The overall population has increased to 633 thousand, a 2% rise compared to 12 years ago, which reflects a steady and sustained growth trajectory. This growth is indicative of a resilient and thriving society, demonstrating the country’s ability to adapt and evolve.

Coastal areas

Budva’s exceptional population surge of nearly 40% is particularly noteworthy, showcasing the town as a vibrant and attractive destination. Our favorite city, Tivat’s 16.5% increase further contributes to the positive narrative, underlining the appeal of these regions for residents. The southern part of Montenegro collectively gaining 15 thousand inhabitants signifies a dynamic and flourishing community.

The Capital and the North

Despite some northern municipalities experiencing a decline, it’s essential to recognize the broader demographic shifts. Changes in population distribution often reflect evolving economic opportunities and lifestyle preferences. The capital, Podgorica, witnessing a substantial 13.8% increase with almost 22 thousand more inhabitants, underscores its role as a growing urban center.

More dwellings

Equally encouraging is the noteworthy surge in the number of dwellings, indicating a robust housing market and potential economic growth. The 26% increase in dwellings reflects a commitment to infrastructure development and urban planning, contributing to improved living conditions for residents.


These positive trends revealed by the Statistical Office of Montenegro bode well for the country’s future. A growing and diversifying population, coupled with increased housing availability, sets the stage for economic expansion and community development. Policymakers, businesses, and residents can use these insights to make informed decisions, fostering a more prosperous and inclusive Montenegro. The 2023 Census results serve as a valuable resource for strategic planning and underline the nation’s resilience and potential for continued progress.

Montenegro’s 2023 Census was reported by the Statistical Office of Montenegro (MONSTAT – Uprava za statistiku Crne Gore).

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