January 2024

Montenegro's 2023 Census

Montenegro’s 2023 Census: Population Trends

Montenegro's 2023 Census results paint a promising picture of the nation's demographic and housing landscape, signaling positive trends and opportunities for development. Overall growth The overall population has increased to 633 thousand, a 2% rise compared to 12 years ago, which reflects a steady and sustained growth trajectory. This growth is indicative of a resilient and thriving society,...

Expats gathering in Tivat Montenegro

Is Montenegro Safe? Discover the Safety of Living in Montenegro

Understanding Safety in Montenegro: Is it Safe to Live Here? When pondering the question, "Is Montenegro safe?" it's essential to grasp the broader context. Montenegro stands out as a safe haven, offering a unique blend of security and tranquility for residents. Low Crime Rates and Community Vigilance One of the standout features of Montenegro's safety is its remarkably low crime rates. The country's...

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