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Mini Condos leaseback program is an extremely advantageous and reliable program. We are very glad to work with Mini Condos believing that we did a true investment. Thanks for this beneficial program. Still owns the unit which is now managed by Mini Condos for Short Term Rentals.
by Narin Gökçe (buyer of studio apartment in Donja Lastva)
Izmir, Turkey
Being an expatriate in Montenegro and never having invested in real estate before, I had to be particularly cautious. Carine and her team reinforced my decision with their relevant and responsive communication. I was impressed by the intelligence of the 10-year Leaseback program, which allows both parties to find a genuine economic interest. For the past 2 years, all rent have been paid on time, and I can enjoy an investment without worrying or it taking up my time.
by Emmanuel (buyer of studio apartment in Donja Lastva)
We chose to go with the leaseback option because we are not residents all year round in Montenegro and it meant that we did not have to find and manage tenants ourselves, and it gave us a regular income in the country. It was very simple to arrange with Carine and her team, and they also cover the local tax liabilities. Three years in we are very happy that it has given us what we need, but it is also very flexible. We are not tied into a long fixed lease period, so if our circumstances change we can choose to manage the condo ourselves in the future. Still own the unit, still under the leaseback program.
by Gillian and Mike S. (buyers of studio apartment in Dumidran)
London, UK
I have purchased 2 apartments with Mini Condos and was very satisfied with the entire experience. For both apartments, I have taken the leaseback option and have been very satisfied with this program. Rents have always been paid on time, and the apartment has been maintained in a very good condition throughout the lease period. Still owns the units, still under the leaseback program.
by Marko D (buyer of studio apartment in Donja Lastva)
I have plans to retire to Montenegro and even though retirement is still a few years away, I wanted to purchase something before I was priced out of the property market, as I truly believe it is an up-and-coming destination. I purchased in Tivat, since it has both the sea and the mountains, and is a peaceful and safe place. The leaseback program enabled me to purchase now without having to worry about maintenance or paperwork, since I am still working in my home country. The process was smooth and relatively stress-free, and everything is going well so far.
by Kate M. (buyer of studio apartment in Donja Lastva)
Mini Condos is an extremely reliable company, with an exceptional team. They are very kind, flexible, and understanding. Moreover, the leaseback plan is very advantageous, and they are really approachable, and have a solution to meet your needs. They are really flexible, as I could check for myself in my personal case. I highly recommend Mini Condos if you are thinking of investing in Montenegro, you will not regret it.
by Pilar L. (buyer of studio apartment in Dumidran 2)

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