If you are looking to invest in real estate, and rent your property, but don’t want to pay the full amount now, this is the best solution for you. 

With this type of contract, we would become your tenants and pay you the rent for your property, even when the building is not ready to rent!

This contract applies for a standard payment plan. Let’s see it in the example of Mini Condos and studio apartments for the standard price of 99.000€

  1. 20% (19.800€) is the deposit. 30 days after signing the reservation form
  2. 20% (19.800€) when signing the pre-contract. When the design of the units is finished you can choose your desired location of the unit. 
  3. 30% (29.700€) when the construction starts 
  4. 20% (19.800€) when the roof is finished 
  5. 10%  (9.900€) when the apartment is completely finished 

From the moment you have paid at least 70% of the price of the unit at a 4% p.a. rate. If you property bought at the standard price of 99.000€, you will receive a regular monthly rent of 330€ no matter if the property is rented or not, as contingencies are transferred to us.

If you decide to pay the property “cash”, then you will start receiving rents even before the property is delivered.

This contracts can be signed for a period from 3 to 10 years. We offer this contracts to encourage you to invest in real estate, because investing shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. The standard plan also offers you flexibility in payment to some extend. 

We have an agency for long term rentals and we also manage short term rental stay. That is why we can offer this contacts and rent your apartment. This is a guarantied rental income, because you will get the monthly rent even when the apartment is not rented. 

We offer this plan for all of our units in pre-construction. Get in touch today, and we will make a payment plan for you. 

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