Top 5 places in Montenegro to buy a property

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Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans that has a lot to offer. With 5 national parks and almost 300km long coast, there is something for everyone. As someone who lives in Montenegro, in this article, we will explore 5 destinations with different sceneries that can suit your needs when it comes to buying a property.


Top 5 destinations to buy a property in Montenegro

Budva is one of the bigger cities on the coast with more than 26.000 people living in it. Even though that might not sound like a lot, but during summertime that number is doubled, and Budva gets very busy. It’s like the “Montenegrin Miami” with its gorgeous beaches, buzzing nightlife, and charming old town.

With its great geographical location, Budva can become your next home. The average price per sqm is around 2750€ with the great apartment offer. But as said, it can be overcrowded, with a lot of new construction is currently happening. Even if you buy a place with a great view, there is no guarantee that you will have that amazing view in 10 years.

2. Tivat


Porto Montenegro is the crown jewel, offering wide range of amenities and attractive incentives for foreign investors. The average price per sqm is around 3000€ depending on the location. In Porto Montenegro that price is double. It is a bit more expensive location, but it is also a location where you can see the fastest return of the investment. Just as an example, if you were to buy a property 8 years ago, that property now is worth double. One of the reasons why Tivat is so expensive is that there is no more land left to build properties in Tivat, due to geographical location and many regulations in Tivat municipality.  If you are thinking of buying a property in Tivat now is the right time since the prices can only go up.

3. Kotor

Top 5 destinations to buy a property in Montenegro

Let’s take a trip to Kotor, a magical town nestled between mountains and the Bay of Kotor. The views here are breathtaking, with narrow streets and medieval buildings adding to its charm. If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series, Kotor will give you that vibe, since it is very similar to old towns in Croatia such as Dubrovnik. Kotor is under UNESCO protection so the regulations for construction are quite demanding. The downside of Kotor is that is located behind the hill, so you will have the feeling that the day is shorter than it is, especially in Wintertime. Kotor is not a place where you come for nice beaches, but rather to enjoy the old town, and pet the cats.

Price per sqm is around 2500€ for a new built. Here you can also easily fund a renovation project of a house that are more than 100 years old! This can be a great option if you have time to spend in Montenegro and overlook the works and make sure everything is the way you imagined. 

4. Podgorica

Top 5 destinations to buy a property in Montenegro

Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro with 180.000 people living in it. While it may lack the coastal charm of other destinations, Podgorica has its unique appeal. With a thriving economy and affordable real estate prices, it’s a smart choice for savvy investors. Its central location means you’re never far from adventure, whether it’s skiing in the mountains or exploring national parks. It takes around 1hour to get to the mountains and 1 hour to get to the coast and enjoy the beaches.

The average price per sqm is around 1500€ – 2000€. Apartments are easy to rent, and Podgorica has a great offer of restaurants and places to go out. The downside of it is that the summers can be too hot, and winters too cold, but it can still be a great investment.


5. Kolašin

Top 5 destinations to buy a property in Montenegro

Nort of Montenegro is not as popular as the coastal cities, but Kolašin is a great place to buy a property if you like life in the mountains. Known for its ski resorts and great hiking trails, Kolašin is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. Having a cozy chalet with views of snow-capped peaks or a rustic cabin surrounded by forests is something you can really look forward in winter time.  Kolašin is the ultimate retreat for those seeking tranquility and adventure.

It is very close to 3 national parks, and the annual pass for all national parks in Montenegro is 10€. Price per sqm in Kolašin is around 2000€ for a new building. 

What are your top picks? Let us know in the comments!


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