December 2023

Advantages of a miimalistic lifestyle

The Advantages of a Minimalistic Lifestyle

Embracing Simplicity: The Advantages of a Minimalistic Lifestyle in My Tiny Houses Redefining Home Comfort with Minimalistic Living Within the minimalist lifestyle lies a redefined notion of home comfort. At Mini Condos doo, we redefine the concept of home, offering minimalist dwellings that prioritize essential living spaces. Our homes are meticulously designed to provide a sense of calm and...

Lady of the Rocks, Kotor Bay Montenegro KSHAVRATSKAYA/GETTY IMAGES

Montenegro in the top 5 locations for property investment in 2024

Montenegro makes it into FORBES once again, in this article highlighting Montenegro as a prime location for affordable property investment in 2024, offering a 32% savings compared to the U.S. market, with an average cost of $151 per square foot. Situated in Southeast Europe along the stunning Adriatic Sea, Montenegro, though lesser-known in the U.S., has attracted affluent buyers and witnessed a steady...

“Buying Eco-Conscious Homes in Montenegro with Mini Condos”

"Buying Eco-Conscious Homes in Montenegro: Mini Condos doo Leading the Low-Density Revolution": In the picturesque landscapes of Montenegro, Mini Condos doo stands as a beacon of eco-conscious development, redefining the paradigm of real estate. As the trend towards sustainability continues to gain momentum, our company takes pride in specializing in low-density projects that prioritize nature preservation...

Lady of the Rocks, Kotor Bay Montenegro KSHAVRATSKAYA/GETTY IMAGES

Montenegro as one of top 3 places to retire, according to FORBES

Thinking to retire in Montenegro? Montenegro, an Adriatic nation that gained independence in 2006, offers a captivating blend of medieval villages and modern luxury developments along the stunning Kotor Bay. With towering mountains as a backdrop, this region boasts a rich history, a burgeoning expat community, and abundant recreational opportunities amidst breathtaking natural landscapes. The area...

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