50m2 house

In the My Tiny House project we will have 4 houses of 50m², and 3 are still available for sale. 

50m² house is a great option if you are looking to embrace tiny living. This ground-floor house can be a perfect option for you, if you are a single person or a couple looking to settle in and have a place you can call home.

  • House 6 with 350m2 of land, has a cash price of 216.000€ and a Leaseback-Cashback price starting from 151.200€. Click here to find more. 
  • House 9 with 380m2 of land, has a cash price of 225.000€ and a Leaseback-Cashback price starting from 157.500€. Click here to find more. 
  • House 11 with 380m2 of land, has a cash price of 225.000€ 


Here are some of the benefits of a 50m² house.

Easier Maintenance

With less space, maintaining and cleaning a 50m2 small house is generally easier and requires less time compared to larger homes. No one wants to spend weekends cleaning a big house, when in fact you don’t need so much space. Tiny House will require less cleaning than a big house. 

Lower Utility Costs

With less space to heat, cool, and light. Utility bills are likely to be lower in a smaller house, which can contribute to overall cost savings. This can lead to cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

Cozy Atmosphere

A smaller house can provide a sense of coziness and intimacy that might be lacking in larger spaces. It can feel more inviting and conducive to forming strong connections among family members. 


Since the space is small, you will have the opportunity to invest in higher-quality finishes and furnishings, making the house feel more personalized and luxurious. We can assist you with the choice of specially designed furniture for tiny living so that every sqm of the house is well used. 

If you are looking for something slightly bigger, check out 75m2 house

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