Mini Condos® Studios: a short history of our flagship model

Mini Condos Studio interior, Tivat Montenegro

The most successful dwelling we have designed and built is without doubt the Mini Condos Studios in Tivat.

Mini Condos Residence Dumidran I, Tivat Montenegro
Dumidran I Mini Condos Tivat

From the initial idea, in 2016, until the delivery of the first units in 2019, the concept has been a great success. On the launch of the first Mini Condos residence, we had 70% of the units sold out before we started the construction.

The idea came thanks to our complementary business of long-term rentals. We have been offering this service in parallel to our property development activity since 2010. Via our inhouse letting agency “Rentals Montenegro” we could easily monitor the market’s needs.

We noticed a constant rise of the number of requests for smaller and cheaper dwelling for long-term rentals. There was a high demand, and very low offer. We were also receiving many inquiries for the purchase of such units while building our first residence Tivat Heights in Kavac, Montenegro.

And since the offer for smaller units barely existed then, we decided to create it!

That how the first Mini Condos Studio®, in Dumidran, came to life.

Check our Mini Condos Studios available now in Tivat.


We are property developers in Montenegro since 2008! We specialise in high quality dwellings, suitable for year-round living.

Our first project, “Tivat Heights” consisted of 12 luxury apartments in 3 villas, with spa facilities, overlooking the Bay of Tivat.

To answer to the rising demand of smaller units in the area, we then  developed a new concept of “Mini Condos”. At the same time as New York city was building its very fist “micro-units-only” building, we were also building Montenegro’s.

During the 2019-2021 period, the demand for single family homes with gardens rose sharply. Always attentive to buyers needs, we then expanded our offer with our “My Tiny House” project.

In addition to building beautiful high quality dwellings, we have helped expats find long-term lets since 2010. The largest offer of long-term rentals is in our in-house agency “Rentals Montenegro“.

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