Montenegro and NYC first micro units were built at the same time

When we launched our Mini Condos concept in Montenegro in 2016, NYC was just launching its very first micro-units-only building!

Montenegro and NYC first micro units have a lot in common !

The Forbes article written by Eustacia Huen, starts like this:

How much would you pay for a well-furnished rental even if it were only the size of three office cubicles? For the residents at Carmel Place—New York City’s first luxury micro-apartment building designed by nArchitects, the answer is $2,670.

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We are property developers in Montenegro since 2008! We specialise in high quality dwellings, suitable for year-round living.

Our first project, “Tivat Heights” consisted of 12 luxury apartments in 3 villas, with spa facilities, overlooking the Bay of Tivat.

To answer to the rising demand of smaller units in the area, we then  developed a new concept of “Mini Condos”. At the same time as New York city was building its very fist “micro-units-only” building, we were also building Montenegro’s.

During the 2019-2021 period, the demand for single family homes with gardens rose sharply. Always attentive to buyers needs, we then expanded our offer with our “My Tiny House” project.

In addition to building beautiful high quality dwellings, we have helped expats find long-term lets since 2010. The largest offer of long-term rentals is in our in-house agency “Rentals Montenegro“.

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