Expats gathering in Tivat Montenegro

Is Montenegro Safe? Discover the Safety of Living in Montenegro

Understanding Safety in Montenegro: Is it Safe to Live Here? When pondering the question, "Is Montenegro safe?" it's essential to grasp the broader context. Montenegro stands out as a safe haven, offering a unique blend of security and tranquility for residents. Low Crime Rates and Community Vigilance One of the standout features of Montenegro's safety is its remarkably low crime rates. The country's...

Lady of the Rocks, Kotor Bay Montenegro KSHAVRATSKAYA/GETTY IMAGES

Montenegro as one of top 3 places to retire, according to FORBES

Thinking to retire in Montenegro? Montenegro, an Adriatic nation that gained independence in 2006, offers a captivating blend of medieval villages and modern luxury developments along the stunning Kotor Bay. With towering mountains as a backdrop, this region boasts a rich history, a burgeoning expat community, and abundant recreational opportunities amidst breathtaking natural landscapes. The area...

Retiring in Montenegro

Retiring in Montenegro with My Tiny House – Embracing Tranquility

Forbes France published in July 2023 an article about "the 5 top destinations for a luxury retirement" (article in French), which of course includes Montenegro. In this article, we will give you more details about retiring in Montenegro and embracing tranquility with My Tiny House® properties. If you're seeking a peaceful haven for your retirement years, Montenegro offers a picturesque setting along the...

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