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If you are looking for houses for sale in Montenegro, why not consider a sustainable living solution? And one that provides clean air, clean water, and an opportunity to grow your own food? Look no further than “My Tiny House” community in Kavac, Montenegro. These cute and cozy homes are perfect for year-round living or seasonal use.  These are available for purchase right now with exceptional pre-development prices.

Sustainable Living in Kavac, Montenegro

Organic cherry tomatoes Kavac
Organic cherry tomatoes Kavac

Kavac, Montenegro is a location that benefits from exceptional clean air, consisting of a mix of sea and mountain air. The area is perfect for outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming, sailing, rowing, that one can enjoy year-round. If you do not mind driving a couple of hours, you can even go skiing, in Montenegro’s modern ski resort of Kolasin. Our tiny house community is located in the heart of Kavac, providing easy access to all of the outdoor activities and natural beauty that Montenegro has to offer.

Our community is designed with self-sufficiency in mind. Each house comes with its own vegetable garden, allowing you to grow your own food and reduce your environmental impact. We also have several clean drinkable spring water sources available right next to our lands, providing a sustainable water source for our community. Our community is committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable living practices.

Mini Condos® doo: Delivering Quality Niche Properties in Montenegro

Our tiny houses are designed and built by Mini Condos® doo. This property developer has been delivering high-quality niche properties in Montenegro since 2008, providing unique and sustainable living solutions for their customers. The houses are suitable for long-term rentals or seasonal use. The company provides after-sale property management services for all of their properties.

Brand new two bedroom house in Montenegro for sale, 75m2
Brand new two bedroom house in Montenegro for sale, 75m2

Each tiny house in our community is maximizing space and functionality. At the same time, it provides a comfortable and cozy living space. High-quality materials used to build the houses ensure durability of your investment. Moreover, they are energy-efficient, reducing your energy costs and environmental impact. To ensure a seamless purchase experience, you can purchase our tiny houses with optional carefully designed kitchen and furniture packs. These packs come with everything you need to live comfortably and be ready to move-in upon delivery.

Our community is perfect for anyone who wants to live a more sustainable lifestyle, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy the natural beauty of Montenegro, without breaking the bank! Whether you are looking for a permanent home or a vacation property, our tiny house community is the perfect solution. Our community provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for all of our residents, and we deliver the highest level of customer service and support.

Houses for sale in the coastal areas of Montenegro

In the coastal area of Montenegro, our “My Tiny House” developments are available in two locations. The first location, called “The Groves” is located on a large parcel of land and offers a wide selection of 1, 2, 3 bedroom houses as well as Studio units, and One-bed & Two-bed penthouse units. The second coastal location, called “The Springs” lays on a gently slopped land with sea views, and offers 2 and 3 bedroom houses.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a sustainable living solution that provides clean air, clean water, and an opportunity to grow your own food, our tiny house community in Kavac, Montenegro is the perfect solution. Our community promotes sustainable living practices while also providing a comfortable and cozy living space. Contact us today to learn more about our tiny houses for sale in Montenegro.

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