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Tivat Mini Condos

Everything you need beautifully packed in a small space.


The small resort of Modern Eco-Tiny House will be located on the hills above Tivat, wrapped into the lush greenery of the olive grove and centennial pine trees with mountain views.

Your Tiny House comes with its own permaculture garden to produce organic veggies and herbs. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate you can enjoy a harvest almost all year round.

We also offer free training at the permaculture education center in the nearby Bay of Kotor so you can learn how to properly maintain your garden.

Imagine yourself relaxing in your hammock, in the gentle shade of the Mediterranean Pine trees, sipping a freshly squeezed lemonade from organic lemons growing in your own garden...

MTH - Kavac

"My Tiny House" Kavac - Prices from

  • model 50
  • 50m² Tiny House
  • (1 or 2 bedrooms)
  • 350m² fertile land
  • Fully urbanized & landscaped plot 77.000€ (220€/m²)
  • Tiny House 50m² 123.000€ (2.460€/m²)
  • 200.000€
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  • model 75
  • 75m² Tiny House
  • (2 or 3 bedrooms)
  • 350m² fertile land
  • Fully urbanized & landscaped plot 77.000€ (220€/m²)
  • Tiny House 75m² 173.000€ (2.307€/m²)
  • 250.000€
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  • model 120
  • 120m² Tiny House
  • (3 bedrooms)
  • 500m² fertile land
  • Fully urbanized & landscaped plot 100.000€ (200€/m²)
  • Tiny House 120m² 220.000€ (1.833€/m²)
  • 320.000€
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