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Tivat Mini Condos

Everything you need beautifully packed in a small space.


Cities on the Montenegrin coast will definitely buy you with their charm, diversity and Mediterranean scents.

You can start from Ulcinj (which was once a pirate town, today is a tourist paradise) and Budva (which is a tourist metropolis of Montenegro), continue to the Bay of Kotor (which is partly under UNESCO protection as a cultural and artistic treasure) and go all the way to Herceg Novi (irresistible town full of greenery, flowers, stairs and beautiful historical buildings).

Each city is a story for itself.

My Tiny House in the coastal Montenegro consists of 2 locations:

  • Kavac - 20 houses on land lots of 350m2. The houses are 50m2, 75m2 and 120m2 - nestled in the green environment of olive and pine groves, just a few minutes drive from the waterfront. 
  • Herceg Novi - coming soon!

MTH - Kavac

"My Tiny House" Kavac - Prices from

  • model 50
  • 50m² Tiny House
  • (1 or 2 bedrooms)
  • 350m² fertile land
  • Fully urbanized & landscaped plot 77.000€ (220€/m²)
  • Tiny House 50m² 123.000€ (2.460€/m²)
  • 200.000€
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  • model 75
  • 75m² Tiny House
  • (2 or 3 bedrooms)
  • 350m² fertile land
  • Fully urbanized & landscaped plot 77.000€ (220€/m²)
  • Tiny House 75m² 173.000€ (2.307€/m²)
  • 250.000€
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  • model 120
  • 120m² Tiny House
  • (3 bedrooms)
  • 500m² fertile land
  • Fully urbanized & landscaped plot 100.000€ (200€/m²)
  • Tiny House 120m² 220.000€ (1.833€/m²)
  • 320.000€
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