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Eco-Tiny House Resort


We are property developers present in Montenegro since 2008, first to introduce the concept of tiny-living in Montenegro back in 2016 with our Mini Condos™.


Following the most recent lifestyle trends, we are thrilled to announce our new "Eco-Tiny House" project. In line with the tiny-living movement, a concept of sustainable individual housing, with each house having its own private piece of land with permaculture gardens, nestled in the beautiful Mediterranean nature of Montenegro.


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The small resort of Modern Eco-Tiny House will be located on the hills above Tivat, wrapped into the lush greenery of the olive grove and centennial pine trees with mountain views. Please find the photos of your future home-village, Kavač, lower on this page.


Your Tiny House comes with its own permaculture garden to produce organic veggies and herbs. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate you can enjoy a harvest almost all year round. We also offer free training at the permaculture education center in the nearby Bay of Kotor so you can learn how to properly maintain your garden.


Imagine yourself relaxing in your hammock, in the gentle shade of the Mediterranean Pine trees, sipping a freshly squeezed lemonade from organic lemons growing in your own garden... 




Some of the advantages


For the price of an apartment in a crowded city you can have your own house with your own piece of land, in Montenegro, the land of majestic mountains and emerald waters of the Adriatic.


To experience a more self-sustainable way of living, we include for each house a ready-to-use permaculture garden, with two harvests of vegetables per year thanks to the local climate.


The bungalows are set in an extremely healthy environment between the sea and the mountains where the sea breeze and the mountain breeze combine to provide your lungs with pure oxygen * Located on the foothills of Vrmac, a mountain range between Kotor bay and Tivat bay, this place provides hiking trails starting right next to the land.


The houses are nestled within an olive grove with yearly community olive harvest.


Low-energy technology of building for low-cost year-round living.


Ideal also for "home-office" life with particularly good and reliable optical cable internet connection.


Great as an investment for long-term or short-term rentals that can be managed by our in-house letting agency “Rentals Montenegro”.






 Kavač parcel masterplan




The “Mediterranean Olive Grove area, where the houses 1 to 7 will be located will feature a mix of several decades old Olive trees, newly planted cypress trees, and Mediterranean aromatic plants, stone walls, paths and stairs. The Tiny House will blend gently in the green environment, aromatic scents and enjoy plenty of sunlight.


The “Mediterranean Pine Trees Grove area, where the houses 8 to 20 will be located will feature a mix of centennial Mediterranean pine trees, newly planted cypress trees, olive trees, and Mediterranean aromatic plants, stone walls, paths and stairs. The Tiny House will blend gently in the green environment, aromatic scents and enjoy privacy and a cocooned atmosphere. 



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