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Tivat Mini Condos

Everything you need beautifully packed in a small space.


Fully-furnished three bedroom apartment of 71.45m² worth 199.000€ now with our special leaseback program (4% annual return) paid-upfront for THE ENTIRE PERIOD (cash-back) with three options: 

 1/ With 3 years leaseback: you pay only 175.000€ (199.000€ - 24.000€ leaseback)  

 2/ With 5 years leaseback: you pay only 159.000€ (199.000€ - 40.000€ leaseback)

 3/ With 10 years leaseback - cashback:  you pay only 119.000€ (199.000€ - 80.000€ leaseback)

Located in Tivat, 500m from the planned beaches and marinas, about 1000m from Tivat Center and 1500m from Porto Montenegro.

Don't miss this chance and contact us for more details!
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20.6 m2 studio apartment25.9 m2 studio apartment

20.6 m2 studio apartment20.6 m2 studio apartment