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Tivat Mini Condos

Everything you need beautifully packed in a small space.


Following the worldwide trend of the “tiny house movement”, we design our apartments to be compact and yet extremely practical and comfortable. By designing the apartments inside out, we make sure each square meter is efficiently used. With all the great facilities of Montenegro in general, time spent outdoors is of the essence to enjoy life in this country. 

Smaller spaces are less expensive in terms of taxes, heating / cooling, maintenance and repair costs, and encourage a less cluttered and simpler lifestyle and reduce ecological impacts for their residents. 

We offer a very large array of properties, from the Studio Apartment up to the 5 bedroom condo. During the pre-development phase we can be flexible to adapt the offer to your own specific needs.  We offer many different payment plans depending on your needs, from the “Best Price” payment plans offering you additional discounts, to the long-term payment plans, up to 36 months installments. Receive more information now about the current availability and prices or Call us now.

Micro-Unit Concept

These are 3Ds for a typical Studio which contains all you need for a comfy yet compact living.
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