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Tivat Mini Condos

Everything you need beautifully packed in a small space.


Based on our extensive knowledge of the long-term let market, via our in-house leasing agency for long-term lets “Rentals Montenegro”, we are able to predict the yield that your future apartment will provide. Based on this knowledge, we can predict a yield between 6.2% and 9.8%.

The highest scores are achieved by Studios and 4-bedroom apartments due to a lack of offer of these properties on the Tivat market, and a high demand.

For these two property types, we offer 4% guaranteed income with our lease-back program. And we start paying from the moment you buy the apartment (if you choose the "best price" payment plan).

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For more information, get in touch via the contact form located here: http://minicondos.me/index.php/contact